Motorcycle Safety

First off, always wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet is the best way to prevent severe head injuries. If you were to fall over while riding a motorcycle, more than likely your head will hit the pavement. Even if you are just riding a mile down the road, never get on a motorcycle without putting on a helmet first.

Other Protective Gear

There are specific types of motorcycle apparel that can help you stay safe while riding. This includes protective eyewear, leather clothing, boots, and gloves. These things will help protect the rest of your body if you were to fall. If you don’t protect your legs and feet, you could burn yourself on the exhaust.

Drive Safely

It is very important to obey all traffic signs and laws while driving a motorcycle. You must be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Other drivers may not see you, so you must be aware of what they are doing always. If you are tired or under the influence, your driving will be significantly affected. You need 100% of your focus on the road and on driving.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Keeping your motorcycle properly maintained will help keep you safe on the road. Always check your tires, oil level, fluids, and lights to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. You don’t want to have a flat tire and you don’t want to break down while out on the road.

Give Yourself Plenty of Room

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While driving, make sure you leave plenty of room in between you and the cars in front of and behind you. This gives you plenty of time to stop in a hurry if necessary. When stopped at a red light, leave yourself room to get out of the way should you need to. If a car is coming up really fast from behind you, make a way for yourself to get away.